Within Ruben O, our suits are exclusively tailor-made. The reason for this is that the only correct suit should simply be tailored and custom-made. Besides having a extraordinary fit, we only use the best Italian and British fabrics. Well-known Ruben O partners are Scabal (BE), Holland&Sherry (GB), Ermenegildo Zegna (IT) and Carnet (IT).


Being the best isn’t only delivering a remarkable product. We also bring the perception and experience to the next level. With this, you can choose to make an appointment in the comfort of your own home, at the office or in our atelier in Wijnegem. Once your garment is completed and ready, we will personally deliver it.


Ruben O is one of the few whom can comply with the world-known Sartoriale-label. The term literally means ‘handmade in Italy’. Our sewers and our master tailors possess years of expertise to finish every piece to perfection. We promise that these details will not be left unnoticed.

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Full canvas

Nowadays there are several different suits. Within the Ruben O walls, only full canvas suits are made. In other words, the interlining completely consists out of horsehair or camelhair. This will bring a large series of advantages with it:

- An exceptional fit
- A natural draping effect
- An incomparable comfort
- The breathability of the fabric

In London there is a saying that every man should at least own one suit possessing a full canvas. A full canvas suit is like good whiskey, it gets better with age.


The exclusivity of a Ruben O suit is not only the interlining. You can also find the highest level of craftsmanship within the smallest detail. Our buttons are only fabricated with natural materials such as horn and mother of pearl. Thanks to our small atelier in Italy we succeed to respect our term of delivery of 3 to 4 weeks.